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RV warranties

At Rangeland RV we offer a variety of options to protect your RV once you tow it away. We want you to have peace of mind when hitting the road with your new tent trailer, travel trailer or fifth wheel.

At Rangeland RV we partner with manufactures that offer extensive coverage on their RV's. This assures that you will have warranty coverage from the day you take your new RV home. Forest River the primary manufacturer we carry at our RV dealership offers a one year limited warranty on new RV purchases. Highland Ridge RV another quality manufacturer we carry offers a 2 year limited transferable warranty on new RV purchases. These manufacturer warranties are included in the purchase of your new RV.

Protecting your RV from mechanical breakdown beyond the manufactures warranty, gives complete piece of mind when repairs can be costly. Our financial service manager will work with you to customize a plan for your RV that will give you complete protection for up to a total of 7 years for just pennies a day.

All pre-owned rv's are RVDA inspected prior to Rangeland RV selling them to a new home. Any pre-owned rv within 10 years of age qualifies for a mechanical protection. Our financial services managers can customize a package that suites any budget.

RV protection packages

We know when you drive away with your new tent trailer, travel trailer or fifth wheel you want to keep it in brand new condition for as long as possible. Rangeland RV wants to help keep your new RV in great condition, well into the future. We offer a number of different RV protection packages to keep your RV safe from anything that may be thrown at it while out on your adventure. Our RV experts will work with you to find the best protection packages that will suite your needs and budget. Below we offer RV protection packages for your piece of mind.

Interior Protection Package
Protects your RV's fabric and leather against food stains, drink spills, pet stains, and fading.

Exterior Protection Package
We apply a unique polymer application to your RV which bonds to the painted surface in a continuous film that protects against fading, oxidation, UV rays, pollution, tree sap and bird droppings. NO waxing required and easy to clean.

Flame Guard
This prevents the spread of fire in the RV.

Tire and Rim Protection Package
The tire and rim protection package guarantees the repair or replacement of a flat tire and/or damaged rim due to a road hazard.

Mouse Shield Protection
Mice can cause damage by chewing their way into an RV. Mouse shield protection prevents mice from entering RV. Mouse shield is a permanent, non-greasy, non-sticky barrier that tastes and smells repulsive to rodents. It is applied to the underbody of the RV and protects against damage to the RV and health risks associated with mice.

For more information on our various RV protection packages.
Please call us at Calgary: 1-866-279-5200 or Red Deer: 1-855-711-5200.



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