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RV Financing

RV and Trailer Financing in Southern Alberta

At Rangeland RV we offer a variety of RV financing options to help you own the RV of your dreams while staying within your monthly budget. We negotiate with all major financial institutions to find the best financing options for you. We also take the time to fully explain your financial arrangements. At Rangeland RV we work to customize a financing plan that you are completely happy with.

Rangeland RV offers financing options for both new and pre-loved tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. We can help reduce your initial financial commitment since most of our financing is approved with $0 down. At Rangeland RV we offer fast and simple credit checks, in most cases having an approval back within 24 hours. We also offer fully secured payment options to protect your family should you be unable to make payments due to loss of employment, injury, sickness, or death.

RV financing should be hassle-free, and here at Rangeland RV we make that a reality. When financing your new or pre-loved RV purchase, we want to you to be completely satisfied with your financing plan. Come visit us and let our finance managers work with you to help you drive away with the RV you’ve always dreamed of.

For more information on how you can finance your RV, or to ask any questions on RV financing please call our financing service managers at Calgary (587) 840-5216 or Red Deer (587) 841-0295

RV Warranties

At Rangeland RV we want you to have peace of mind when hitting the road in your new tent trailer, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. With that in mind we offer a variety of options to protect your RV once you take it away.

As an exclusively Forest River dealership every new RV we carry comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. The Forest River warranty provides extensive coverage from the first day of ownership.

Protecting yourself from the costs associated with mechanical breakdown of your RV beyond the manufacturers warranty will bring you additional peace of mind. Our financial service managers will work with you to customize a plan that will provide complete protection for up to 7 years on your new RV.

All pre-owned RV’s are RVDA inspected prior to Rangeland RV selling them to a new home. Most pre-owned RV’s (less than 15 years old) qualify for mechanical breakdown protection. Our financial services managers can customize a plan that suits any budget.

RV Protection Packages

We know when you drive away with your new tent trailer, travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome, you want to keep it in brand new condition for as long as possible. Rangeland RV wants to help keep your new RV in great condition well into the future. We offer a number of RV protection options to keep your RV safe from anything that may be thrown at it while out on your adventure. Our RV experts will work with you to find the best protection package that will suit your needs and budget. Below are some of the protection options we offer to maintain the beauty of your RV.


Protects your RV’s fabric and leather against food stains, drink spills, pet stains, and fading. Includes a 10-year warranty.



We apply a unique ceramic hybrid coating to your RV which bonds to the painted surface in a continuous film and protects against fading, oxidation, UV rays, pollution, tree sap, and bird droppings. NO waxing required and easy to clean.



Flame guard is a treatment that slows the spread of fire in the RV.



Tire and rim protection guarantees the repair or replacement of a damaged tire and/or rim due to a road hazard.



Mice can cause damage by chewing their way into an RV. Mouse Shield protection deters mice from entering your RV. Mouse Shield is a permanent, non-greasy, no-sticky barrier that tastes and smells repulsive to rodents. It is applied to the underbody of the RV and can help prevent damage to the RV and health risks associated with mouse infestation.



As you know from driving on Alberta roads, it’s almost impossible to avoid damage from small rocks kicked up by the vehicle in front of you. With 3M and Armour Shield (available separately or as combined protection) you can drastically reduce the chance of road rash on the front of your RV. And because it protects the most vulnerable parts of the RV, Armour Shield will also prevent the formation of rust in those areas.

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