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Testimonials about Rangeland RV & Trailer Sales

Great experience!

I want you to know how impressed I am with you, Jason and the dealership. I have spoken to Jason and he followed up right away, all is good. Andrea it is a very competitive business, and sales especially these days are much harder than they were a year ago. The cream always rises to the top. I look forward to telling all my friends and family about the awesome treatment and relationship Rangeland RV likes to build and maintain with those that are part of your “Family”.For those considering a purchase, they would be foolish not to cross your threshold.

Thank you Again Graham and Valerie….Real…. HAPPY CAMPERS….
- McDonald

Great deals at Rangeland RV!

We purchased a Columbus 5th wheel from Rangeland RV in 2012 and it was one of the best large item purchasing experiences we have ever had. All of the staff was great to deal with. We are just upgrading to a larger Columbus 5th wheel and again we talked to Dania and Jason and have now purchased a new Columbus 377MB. Rangeland RV gave us a very fair trade in value for our existing unit (Far better than any local dealer and we did compare) and sold us the new unit at a great price. This is the second time that we have made a large purchase at Rangeland RV and we could not be happier again. All of the staff were very helpful, friendly and great to deal with. Again we feel that we got the best deal possible in the Alberta RV industry and would highly recommend to anyone to go down to Rangeland RV and have a talk with Jason & Dania if you are looking for an RV - Erb

Great experience!

We cannot say enough good things & thanks to Amber Charbonneau for accompanying us on our “walk-through” of our Rockwood 2504S on September 11th! We are SO thankful she was there as it was such a pleasure to see her smiling face again & she, as well as a gentleman staff affectionately referred to as “Sasquatch” :-), were extremely helpful & knowledgeable with each & every question we had!!

We will never forget what an entirely positive experience we had from the moment we walked in the salesroom door & met Amber as well as with everyone we came in contact with at Rangeland RV! Dennis got us all signed up & Brian in Parts got us outfitted & installed with all the essentials necessary so we could hit the road! We had a terrific weekend camping right after pick-up & thanks to the excellent walk-through & answers to all of our questions, even a couple of “first-timers” felt comfortable enough to try out most of our “bells & whistles” on that trip! We recommend to anyone & everyone who asks ….go to Rangeland RV…. you will NOT be disappointed! We LOVE our unit & look so forward to RV-ING in 2016;-)

Thanks so very much from,

F & C Vanstone
- Vanstone

I would highly recommend Rangeland RV to family and friends!

We just bought a trailer from Rangeland RV and we were extremely pleased with the service we received. Justin showed us our new home away from home and made the transition very easy. Everyone we dealt with was professional and I would highly recommend Rangeland RV to family and friends. Happy Camping ?? - Nugent

Great experience!

I cannot express my gratitude to the staff at Rangeland.
Each and every step from the selection of the RV best suited to my needs was explained thoroughly. The cons and pros for each model we had been interested in were thoroughly explained to my wife and I. Andrea, Russell and Dania made our experience something that I don’t believe can be outmatched by any other dealership. If your looking for something more than a sales pitch I recommend that you explore your needs at Rangeland. We left with a Rockwood Signature Ultralite and feel incredibly happy with our relationship with the team.
- Barnard

I would highly recommend Rangeland!!!

Just picked up our trailer last weekend! Cannot wait to get it out to go camping! Thanks to Russell who went trough everything very thoroughly at pick up and got us a great deal! Great big thanks to Amber in finance as she made everything go very smooth on her end!! If you are in the market for a trailer I would highly recommend Rangeland!!! - Kardash

Keep up the great work Rangeland RV!

From the first time we purchased our Grey Wolf 22BH trailer back in 2012 from Lloyd Spencer. We have had nothing but the best customer and outstanding service from the service manager (Russ Spencer) to Draper Bruce and the rest of the service department team. We cannot express enough our deepest appreciation to all the staff and ownership (Daina Flilppetto) at Rangeland RV for all their outstanding efforts on any minor issues, repairs, our hail damage claim and all the regularly scheduled maintenance we have had with our trailer. Our camping seasons and trips have been wonderful and less stressful knowing that our trailer is in the best shape it can be and always ready to go.

Keep up the great work Rangeland RV !! Looking forward to the 2016 Camping season.
- Padley

Great customer service!

I would just like to thank the whole team at Rangeland RV for the excellent experience. This is our second purchase with Rangeland, we were very skeptical about purchasing from Rangeland again after our last purchase in 2012. All I can say is this company has made a complete 180 from where it was 4 years ago. I would highly recommend giving them another shot if you were disappointed with the service you were given in the past. I would like to thank Jason for making us feel like we were his most important customer every time we showed up to the lot, even when we showed up un announced he always made time for us. I would also like to say what an amazing Finance manger (Andrea) you now have working with you, I have never when making a purchase feel like all my needs and wants were taken care of the way she took care of ours. Any questions or concerns with anything “the customer is always right” seemed to come into play.

Thanks again so much guys and I look forward to our new trailer.
- Androsoff

Great experience overall!

We were first timers back in 2008 when we bought our Cherokee trailer 28DD; the whole experience was good and we have enjoyed the unit for many years now.

The outstanding part is the service we have received from Russell’s team every single time we needed service from small supplies to large replacement items. They have treated us like family and when we decided it was time to upgrade where do you think we decided to go?

Now we shopped like experienced and knowledgeable campers and we got the same outstanding customer service. We purchased our new Rockwood Signature 8299BS fifth wheel and from sales to financing (Amber) to unit inspection (Russell) to pickup time, EVERYTHING was outstanding.

Thank you Rangeland team and best wishes on your upcoming new location.

Olger & Haydee
- Portocarrero

Highly recommended for anyone looking for RV!

They made our dream of owning RV come true. I visited this place after getting a bad service from a different dealership (which I wrote a separate review for them already), but Rangeland was completely opposite. Tyler and Dean were awesome. Both of them helped us find the right rv. They did not complain or show any discomfort even though they had to show us so many units because we changed our mind often. They really made us feel like they care about us choosing the one we really love. Ashley from Finance department did an amazing job to get us a great rate pre-approval. We got the rv we really loved and are going to pick it up this Friday. We are so happy with their services. Highly recommended for anyone looking for RV - Elwin

When it comes time to upgrade, I know where we will be going!

We bought our very first trailer ever from Rangeland in 2017. From the beginning they were the best. After using the trailer a few times we ended up with a gouge in the floor. We protected it from further damage with a chunk of cardboard as we were not in town. At the end of the season we returned to Rangeland to have it fixed. It took a little bit longer then we thought, but not due to any fault of the dealership…..they got sent the wrong amount of replacement flooring. All of our other issues were taken care of along the way. Since then we have had other service work done, and always had it done right and on time. Darrell and the rest of the service department are the absolute best. When it comes time to upgrade, I know where we will be going - Fuller

Great staff and service!

Great staff & service! We were in a rush picking up our trailer from getting serviced and my husband forget to put the pin in the hitch before we left. Needless to say when leaving our trailer fell off the hitch on the busy road that runs in front of the dealership. Even though they were closed, Russ from Rangeland saw the trouble we were in and stopped to help us get us out of the jam we were in. He could have just drove by as his day was done, but he stopped, and helped us get on our way (and our son even got to his lacrosse game in time!) Also, I want to note that when we bought our trailer from Rangeland a couple of years ago, the sales rep recommend that we purchase an upgraded hitch to tow our trailer (the Blue Ox). Because of this hitch there was absolutely no damage to our truck or trailer! Thanks Rangeland for your outstanding service! - Horne

Very exciting and informative experience!

My partner and I had been contemplating our first trailer purchase for quite some time. After extensive online research, I found a few units we wanted to look at that would be perfect for our family, and Rangeland had them all. From the moment I sent an inquiring email via their website, we got nothing but top notch service. Justin and his team walked us through every step of the process (we were newbies!) and accommodated our schedule needs in terms of coming to view the units and pick-up after we purchased one. We got a great deal, and feel good about the service and purchase. When we bought a few things we ended up not needing as part of their starter deal, they let us return those items and put the value on a gift card which was great. All the staff we interacted with were awesome, and I especially loved being able to text Justin when we had questions about our unit, or forgot some of the many great tips they gave us about it. We love our 2019 Wolf Pup 16BHS, have taken it out many times already, and have already recommended Rangeland to several people. What could have been a stressful, confusing experience was nothing short of fun, informative, and exciting. Thank you! - Denis-Lalonde

Wouldn't hesitate to send folk to your place to purchase an RV!

A number of years ago, now, when you were across the highway next to Bucars—we purchased a 1990 Granville -Bonair 30 ft. motorhome from you.
We understand that you no longer sell motorhomes !!!
We are still using it—with great pleasure——MANY COMPLIMENTS ON IT ALONG OUR TRAVELS. We had a fellow at a gas station in B.C. once ask if he could take a look inside! Sure!
The inside upholstery is great—certainly never abused. It still looks great [except for the ‘fenders’ around the wheel openings–they are ageing & cracking and losing a few pieces here & there]. We haven’t found anywhere yet that carries them.
We did put in a new toilet a few years ago, due to a leak in the attachment at the rear top of the connection—-the RV dealer in Red Deer where we were didn’t have the correct attachment—too old-we were told ! Our friend in Lethbridge fixed our pop-out step one summer–somehow it managed to get bent—being a welder he just got underneath & ‘zappo’ it was fixed !
The only other job we had to have done was the windshield replaced—-We happened to be the ‘back-catcher’ when a huge truck, threw us a curve ‘stone’ right smack dab into the driver’s side [of course! & on the last day of our holiday !!!]
We wouldn’t hesitate to send folk to your place to purchase an RV.
We wish you and all your employees a wonderful summer & HAPPY RV-ING !
Have a super day
- Hampson

Great service experience!

We bought our trailer last summer and the salesperson was great. Showed us a few different variations of the floor plan we preferred and we were able to choose the one that best fit our needs. We really wanted to have the trailer for camping on the July long weekend so they worked hard to ensure turnaround within one week. After a season of camping we identified some warranty issues, made a list, and began scheduling it for repair. After a staff change in the warranty and service department our experience changed from frustrating to fantastic. Great communication and very helpful to schedule us an appointment that fit best with our work schedules. I’ve really appreciated their service. - Slipp

I would recommend purchasing a trailer from Rangeland!

We purchased our “Surveyor” travel trailer from Rangeland RV in Red Deer last spring. It’s been a year and I have to say that I have been pleased both with the trailer and the service received. We took the trailer in last month to have a few minor repairs before the years warranty was up and the service department did everything we asked. I would recommend purchasing a trailer from Rangeland. - Anderson

Thank you guys for a fantastic experience!

First off let me start by saying we love our camper, and our camping trips. Our first Experience we had with Rangeland was at the RV Show in Calgary. They were very helpful with helping us decide the right camper for our families needs, a camper that our vehicle can tow with ease and to be able to accommodate our son who is in a wheelchair we had checked out a lot of other dealers at the show but they were only Interested in selling Us a fifth wheel trailer or toy hauler to accommodate our son who is in a wheelchair these trailers were not feasible either too expensive or too heavy to tow with the vehicle we have .
Rangeland was the only dealership to help us by widening the doors entrance for our wheelchair by providing us with a travel trailer that we can tow and within our budget.
The finance guy was awesome and very helpful. When we finally chose our amazing camper, the team was right there to show us how everything worked in our camper and gave us a full overview. And sent us off with full knowledge and confidence with our new trailer so would I recommend Rangeland RV absolutely 100% Thank you guys for a fantastic experience.
- Greene

I received fantastic service!

I have rented twice from Rangeland RV. Both times I received fantastic service. The trailers were brand new, very clean and well maintained. The prices were very competitive, and they also offer collision/comprehensive insurance (which other rental places would not offer) I have and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent or buy an RV. - Schuurman

Excellent Customer Service!

Bought my little tent trailer last year and love it just as much as I did when I bought it. Rangeland has really competitive pricing. I searched high and low for something comparable and nothing could beat out Rangeland RV. Special thanks to the Red Deer location for excellent customer service. - Hood

Great experience

Bought my little tent trailer last year and love it just as much as I did when I bought it. Rangeland has really competitive pricing. I searched high and low for something comparable and nothing could beat out Rangeland RV. Special thanks to the Red Deer location for excellent customer service. - Louise